Does your business have a compelling market offer?

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Wherever your business is in terms of performance, battling for survival or pursuing growth, it is unlikely either would be achieved without having a compelling market offering.

Let’s be clear, compelling does not mean to say that the product or service has to be a ‘larger than life’ brand with global appeal.

What it means, is that it has to be compelling for your specific target audience.

Obvious, right? Or is it?

Ask yourself this question…

From your top 20 customers, do you know exactly why they are all buying your products and services?

What is the most compelling part of your proposition? price? quality? service? brand? etc.

Of course, you may say it’s all of those things. However, if your top customers are buying for different reasons, it will be difficult to get traction. You could find yourself with multiple messages which will be a barrier to achieving the ‘domino effect’ amongst your targeted buyers.

Salesmanship will only get you so far if your offer is not compelling enough.

In both cases of survival and growth, you have to find the ‘sweet spot’ to create a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to drive traction and momentum. You really need to identify the core buying group, understand their profiles and what they want from you as a service provider.

Above all, identify and focus on one compelling thing and make sure the offering has tangible value to the market. You can then build your offering around it. It should be easily understood by customers and you must have the resources in place for delivery.

Focus on successes and repeat them.

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About the Author

Neil Barron
Neil Barron is the Founder and Owner of BMC. With over 20 years of experience, he has an impressive track record of supporting business leaders, managing change and accelerating growth.

Neil established BMC in 2004 to support businesses at key stages of their development, particularly turnaround, growth and exit. BMC helps businesses achieve their goals through a range of specialist Leadership services.

Neil works closely with the BMC team to transform businesses and drive value for stakeholders. He also acts as an advisor, investor and non-executive chairman.

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