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Years Experience

Immediate, Measurable Results

Transforming businesses for over 15 years

Founded by Neil Barron in 2004, our experienced team have been transforming businesses and supporting stakeholders for many years.

BMC provides stakeholders with a range of specialist leadership services for turnaround, growth and exit. By deploying our tools, methodology and combined with years of experience, our team can accelerate growth and deliver fast, measurable results.

Operating an advanced culture of remote working

For several years BMC has been operating an advanced culture of remote team working. This has put us in a good position to respond to our client's needs during the COVID-19 crisis. All BMC services can be undertaken via remote delivery and we continue to develop our capabilities through digital platforms and content.

Driven by our principles

Our proven methods are guided by our principles and are designed and delivered to produce real, measurable results.



Operating in a professionally mature and productive way for the good of the whole organisation



Eliminating barriers and traditional corporate divisions



Engaging as openly as possible to drive trust and credibility



Creating an environment of high standards for professional behaviour and performance

Success starts with getting visibility

Whether your business is seeking turnaround, growth or exit, BMC’s Sales Visibility Service gives you the platform you need to achieve your goals.

Leadership insights

The key to sales success – understanding your customers

Every business has a customer it would like to win, grow or retain. In any of these cases it takes considered action and preparation to achieve the objectives. Whether you are endeavouring to win business from an owner manager or a global corporation, one-dimensional salesmanship is unlikely to be sufficient. Instead, having a deep understanding

Sales Visibility: Your launch pad for business success

As we move out of the current COVID-19 crisis and into an uncertain economic future, it is so important for businesses to understand their current position. A clear, reliable view of your true position is absolutely key to decision making and maximising effectiveness. However, undoubtedly the biggest challenge during this time is the need for